Getting Started


Joining Treasurebee is easy.  Visit our Registration page and follow the prompts to enter your contact details and credit card into our secure platform.  Our seller membership fee is only $9.97 per month to join Treasurebee with a minimal 7.9% fee per transaction, calculated as follows:*

  • Treasurebee receives 5%;
  • Stripe®, our payment processor, receives 2.9% and $0.30;
  • Post an unlimited number of listings with no additional listing or insertion fees;
  • You may cancel at any time with no cancellation fees.

Buyer privileges are included with your seller membership.  Once you’ve completed registration, set up your payment account with Stripe® so that you can collect payments from your buyers.  Have your bank account number and bank routing number available when you register with Stripe®.


Important!  After completing your registration with Treasurebee, setting up your payment account with Stripe® is required to activate seller features and be visible to buyers.  


* Treasurebee fees, features and membership terms are subject to change.  Please review our Pricing and Terms of Service.

Setting Up Your Payment Account

After completing your registration with Treasurebee, setting up your payment account with Stripe® is required to activate Treasurebee’s seller features and be visible to buyers.  Have your bank account number and bank routing number available when you register with Stripe®.  It takes just a few minutes, after which you’ll be redirected back to Treasurebee.  If you need help connecting your payment account or have additional related inquiries please contact Stripe® to learn more.


Important!  Stripe® is a leading payment platform that makes it easy to securely and safely process transactions online.  Your Stripe® account will automatically transfer your account balance on a regular two-day rolling schedule.  This means that transfers are made daily and are composed of the payments that were processed two days prior.  Please note, however, that your first transfer will be initiated and should post within seven days after your first charge.  To learn more about transfers please contact Stripe®.


Creating Your Profile

Create your Profile so that Treasurebee buyers can get to know you.  This is public information you’re sharing with potential buyers to maximize your visibility.  A complete Profile also makes it easier for buyers to determine if they would like to contact you to make a purchase, and to avoid the potential for misunderstandings or non-productive calls.


Important!  After completing your registration with Treasurebee, setting up your payment account with Stripe® is required to activate Treasurebee’s seller features and be visible to buyers.  Your Profile will not appear on Treasurebee’s front page and search results if Stripe® registration has not been completed.


Display Image

We recommend that you choose a display image of yourself.  Showing potential buyers who you are on your Profile helps to establish trust and allows them to determine whether to initiate a video call with you.  Or you can create an iconic setting/shot of you in front of your shop or inventory.  You can also incorporate your brand, logo or other important information for customers to see in the background live on a video call.


You should choose whatever is best for your particular business model.

Your Store / Display Name (required)

As a Treasurebee member you have the option to use your real name or business name. You also have the option to appear under a pseudonym or nickname as is common in many enthusiast communities.

About You (required)

Describe your business, inventory or specialty, requirements or prerequisites for sale, store policies, hours of operation and other important details that might be relevant.  By providing this information in advance, you can prequalify customers and avoid non-productive calls and misunderstandings.

Describe Yourself

Select up to three (3) categories that describe what type of seller you are.  This is important information that helps buyers when searching on Treasurebee.

Link Your Social Media Accounts

Link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts from your Treasurebee Profile.  This is a great way to introduce your existing online communities on Treasurebee.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s are available for potential buyers to address common questions you may receive. There is no limit to the number of questions you can add to your Profile.  If you’re not sure what types of questions to include, we have provided a short list below:

Example FAQ’s:

  • What is your preferred method of shipping?
  • What times are you normally available for video calls on Treasurebee?
  • What is your return (refund/exchange) policy?
  • What types of payment do you accept?


“For Sale” Listings

Your Treasurebee Profile will automatically catalog the items you list For Sale. These will appear as tiles underneath your Profile.


Note:  Please remember that if you know in advance you are presenting multiple items for sale in one transaction, or you have a “collection” or regularly changing inventory, it is helpful to revise your profile and describe that inventory (to make it easier for buyers to “search” for).  When it is no longer for sale, revise your profile to reflect your latest inventory.  This is especially applicable to estate sellers, antique and collectable sellers and sellers whose inventory changes regularly.


Navigating Treasurebee


Scroll over the three icons (top right corner) to quickly access your transaction and notification information.  Below are brief descriptions:

  • Notifications bellShows your most recent notifications, including sales activities and updates.  To see all of your activity, select “View All Activity” (or you can select “Dashboard” in your navigation bar, as described below);
  • Profile image – Shows your account settings (ProfileInvite FriendsSettings and Sign Out);
  • Video call status – This small circle shows your online status, and will change color depending on that status.  To change your video call status, select the appropriate option (Online, At Event, Away, Offline).


Important!  When you log in, Treasurebee’s default video call status is Online.  In this setting you are available to receive customer calls.  Remember to set yourOnline status to Away or Offline if you are not ready to receive customer calls.


Your Navigation Bar

The purple navigation bar that extends across the top of your screen includes the following tabs: Dashboard, Messages, Offers, Sold, Purchased, Listings and New Listing. See below for an overview of the tabs and how to use them.



Dashboard is a quick snapshot of your most recent sales activity.  All of your recent conversations, including messages, offers and sales made will be listed here.  On the left side of each message are color codes used to indicate the type of conversation. Click on a message to be taken to it’s corresponding details:

  • A green flagIndicates when an offer was accepted, a payment was made, or other action related to the offer;
  • A red flag Indicates an offer was declined or rescinded;
  • A purple flagIndicates a communication from Treasurebee, such as a reminder to provide shipping details to a buyer, account changes you’ve made, video calls and messages you have missed.


Messages is your list of contacts.  It includes the conversations that have taken place through Treasurebee’s Messaging feature.  Here are actions you can take when searching Messages:

  • Find a ContactSort alphabetically or chronologically (by date);
  • View ConversationClick on the contact name and you’ll be taken to the most recent conversation with that contact;
  • View Within a ConversationEnter a keyword in the Search Conversation box in the top-right corner of the conversation page;
  • Know Which Listings Your Contacts Have Visited – An “eye” icon in your message thread indicates that an existing contact has visited your For Sale listing, Live Event listing or Profile page; with a link provided so you can easily visit the page.


See all of your most recent conversations with buyers where the price is being negotiated (specifically, you or your buyer have entered a price into the Price input box in the Messaging feature).  Once an offer has been accepted and paid for, the offer message for that transaction will move to the Sold tab.  There are a few different ways to view and filter your offers:

  • All OffersAll of your offers made or received, organized chronologically (by date);
  • Pending – Only the offers that are pending;
  • Accepted – Only the offers that have been accepted.  Accepted offers will remain here until your buyer has completed their payment.  Once payment has been made, visit the Sold tab for details regarding the transaction;
  • Declined – Only the offers that have been declined.


Important!  The price must be entered into the Price input box for a conversation to appear in your Offers tab in the Messaging feature.  Prices that are only communicated verbally between you and the buyer (during a video call) or entered only into the Text input box will not appear in Offers.


You can also take specific offer related actions through the Offers tab:

  • Accept – To accept an offer;
  • Counter – To counter an offer that has been made to you by a buyer.  You can also select “Decline” to decline an offer and then create a new offer by selecting the “Click Here to Make an Offer” button in the Messaging feature;
  • Decline – To decline an offer;
  • Rescind  To rescind your latest offer.


Note: Please keep in mind that Offer messages will include “up” and “down” arrows on the left corner of each.  An “up” arrow means that you sent an offer to a member.  A “down” arrow means that you received an offer from a member.



Review your sales history and take action to complete sales, organized chronologically (by date).  Filter your sales history to quickly find the status of a transaction.  Choose Action Required or Shipped.  We have provided a description of each below:

  • Action RequiredTo filter your sales by transactions that have not yet been completed;
  • Shipped – To filter your sales by transactions that have been completed; and for items that have been shipped to your buyer.


Labels on each message help to quickly notify you of the status or next step to complete a transaction, as follows:

  • Shipping Payment Request Has Been MadeConfirmation that you have requested payment;
  • Shipping Paid – Confirmation that your buyer has paid for shipping;
  • Update ShippingRequest for you to contact your buyer with delivery details;
  • Request Shipping PaymentRequest for you to contact your buyer with the shipping method and cost, for transactions in which you have selected Shipping To Be Determined.


Review your purchase history, organized chronologically (by date).


Review, edit, or delete your Live Event and For Sale listings.

New Listing

Create a “New Listing” to feature either your Live Event (ex: your flea market booth, estate sale or garage sale) or For Sale items.



Creating a “Live Event” Listing

Live Event listings are specifically designed for small businesses and sellers whose locations include outdoor markets, estate sales, garage sales, collectable shows, pop up markets, live sales events and other unique locations.


To create your Live Event listing, follow the steps below:

  • Select New Listing in your navigation;
  • Select “Live Event”;
  • Select the Category that best describes your Live Event venue;
  • Enter Your Live Event details – Include the event name, location and description of the items you are selling;
  • Enter Your Live Event tags – These are keywords related to your inventory and the venue, which buyers may use when searching on Treasurebee (the more relevant tags you have, the more likely prospective buyers will find you);
  • Upload Images of your Live Event and the items for sale;
  • Review Your Listing;
  • Go Online immediately or Save it For Later.


Note: When you go online at a live event, your video call status is automatically set to At Event.


Note:  Please remember to create your Live Event in advance (to save you time) as it can be saved.  Creating and saving a Live Event also provides you the ability to sell from the same live event venue in the future.


Processing Transactions

All transaction details and payments are accomplished through Treasurebee’s Messaging feature (whether you’re communicating with customers by video and messaging, or messaging alone).  Use of the video call feature is not required to process transactions.


Note:  Please keep the following best practices in mind when preparing to appear at and sell from a Live Event:

  • Include photos & descriptions of your Live Event – Add photographs of your inventory and unique venue to your Live Event listing, and describe the types of inventory you have (and don’t have) for sale, so that your buyers can be informed before making contact;
  • Prepare in advance – Use the Save for Later feature to create your Live Event listing the night before, as the selling day can be busy!
  • While at the Live Event venue – Make sure your device is fully charged and connected to the Internet, and try to position your device appropriately to improve your screen visibility (so you can video call with potential buyers on Treasurebee);
  • Sellers with stage presence and energy will standout to potential customers.



Creating a “For Sale” Listing

The primary methods to be visible on Treasurebee are for Sellers to appear live, sellers to appear live at a Live Event, and by posting items in For Sale.


Important!  For Sale items that are sold through the Buy Now feature will be automatically deleted from Treasurebee.  However, if you have negotiated a sale ONLY through the messaging feature, select the “Listings” tab in your navigation to find the item that was sold, and select the trash can icon.


To post an item For Sale, follow the steps below:

  • Select “New Listing” in your navigation;
  • Select “For Sale”;
  • Select Up to Three Product Categories that are relevant;
  • Enter Details including your item title and description;
  • Create Itemized List – If you are selling more than one item in a single transaction, list the quantity and items being sold, separated by comma (to create a transaction receipt when items are sold; ex: 1 Harley Davidson flathead seat, 1 vintage leather jacket);
  • Buy Now (optional) – Select this option and enter a Price, enabling buyers to make a purchase immediately;
  • Listing Items Without a Price – To list items without a specific Price, leave the Buy Now and Price fields blank (buyers will be required to contact you or make an offer);
  • Enter Your Item Tags – These are keywords related to your items that buyers may use when searching on Treasurebee (the more relevant tags you have, the more likely prospective buyers will find you);
  • Select Your Preferred Method of Shipping – Included In Price, To Be Determined, or Pick Up Only;
  • Upload Images of your items for sale;
  • Review Your Listing;
  • Select “Publish.”



Using the Video Call and/or Messaging Feature


One of the distinguishing features of Treasurebee is that you have the ability to be available through live video to potential buyers from outside your local market.  When you log in, Treasurebee’s default video call status is Online.  In this setting you are available to receive customer calls.  Remember to set your Online status to Away or Offline if you are not ready to receive customer calls.


Important! Buyers benefits and features on Treasurebee are available to anyone with a monthly seller membership.  As a seller, Treasurebee provides you the ability to contact and make purchases from other Treasurebee sellers.  For instruction on how to contact other Treasurebee sellers, visit Contacting Sellers Through Video Call and/or Messaging in Getting Started for Buyers.

How to Use the Video Call Feature

Choose the setting that is appropriate for your sales context.  Are you ready to speak with customers?  Are you at your usual place of business or a live event (ex: booth at a flea market, estate sale or another live event)?

  • Online – Indicated by a green color, means you are poised to receive calls from prospective buyers (this is your default setting).  Be sure your devices’ volume is turned up so you can hear when a buyer calls;
  • At Event – Also indicated by a green color, means you are Online for business, from a live event;
  • Away – Indicated by a yellow color, means that you are online, but are temporarily unavailable to video call; and the expectation is you’ll return soon;
  • Offline – Indicated by a gray color, means that you are not available to receive video calls.


Important! After you have established contact with a buyer, they will be automatically saved in your Messages tab.


Note: Please remember to log in to Treasurebee each morning, or when it’s convenient; you never know who might walk through your virtual front door!

How to Use the Messaging Feature

To open the Messaging feature, click the messaging icon in the top right corner of your video call window.  You may also access the Messaging feature by selecting the “Messages” tab in your navigation bar.


The Messaging feature fields are provided below:

  • Text input box – For general communication or when you make/receive offers;
  • Price input box – To enter the price of an item when you make an offer;
  • Shipping pull-down menu – To select your method of shipping;
  • Send button – To send an offer or other text information.

Completing a Transaction


All transaction details and payments are accomplished through Treasurebee’s Messaging feature (whether you’re communicating with customers by video and messaging, or messaging alone).  Use of the video call feature is not required to process transactions.

How Offers are Made Using the Messaging Feature

If you have come to an agreement during a video call or through messaging with your buyer, follow the steps below to make an offer:

  • Select I want to: “Buy” or “Sell;”
  • Select “Click Here to Make an Offer;”
  • Enter Quantity and Item Being Sold in the Text input box, which will be used to document the offer (ex: 1 Harley Davidson flathead seat);
  • Enter Price in the Price input box;
  • Select Shipping Method in the Shipping pull-down menu;
  • Select “Send” to Send Your Offer.  Buyers will be prompted to accept the offer and pay for the item, counter or decline.


Note: Please remember that if you’re unable to establish a reliable video call connection or having issues with audio, use the Messaging feature to have a real-time conversation and complete the transaction.  In addition to your video call screen, you can access the Messaging feature by selecting the “Messages” tab in your navigation.


Selling Multiple Items in One Transaction

Treasurebee provides the flexibility, if necessary, to sell quantities of merchandise in one transaction through the same process as if you were selling one item.  This means you can “add items” at a buyers request on a spontaneous basis, and not have to process multiple transactions.  When you sell a “collection” of items, brief item descriptions are easily captured for receipt.


To make an offer to sell multiple items, follow the steps below:

  • Select “Click Here to Make an Offer;”
  • Enter Quantity and Items Being Sold, Separated by Comma in the Text input box, which will be used to document the offer (ex: 1 Harley Davidson flathead seat, 1 pair of motorcycle boots, 1 vintage helmet, 1 Indian motorcycle advertising sign);
  • Enter Total Price (For All Items Combined) in the Price input box;
  • Select Shipping Method in the Shipping pull-down menu;
  • Select “Send” to Send Your Offer.  The buyer will then be prompted to accept the offer and pay for the items.


Note: Please remember that if you know in advance you are presenting multiple items for sale in one transaction, or you have a “collection” or regularly changing inventory, it is helpful to revise your profile and describe that inventory (to make it easier for buyers to “search” for).  When it is no longer for sale, revise your profile to reflect your latest inventory.  This is especially applicable to estate sellers, antique and collectable sellers and sellers whose inventory changes regularly.


How to Accept Offers from Buyers

Treasurebee provides offers to be made by both buyers and sellers.  To accept an offer from a buyer just click “Accept.” The buyer will be prompted to pay for the item to complete the purchase.

How to Search for Transaction Related Information

We’ve also made it easy to search each message conversation with your buyers, for transaction related information.  To find a specific keyword or phrase just enter it into the Search Conversation box in the top-right corner of your Messages screen.

How to Find the Current Offer in a Negotiation

In the Messaging feature, once negotiations have begun with a buyer, you can easily find the most current offer.  To find the most current offer, select the “Click Here to See Current Offer” button to be taken directly to it.

How Payments are Received in Your Bank Account

Payouts are handled by our payment provider, Stripe®.  Please visit Stripe® for details.

How to Issue a Refund

We understand that from time to time issuing a refund is necessary.  In the event a refund is required, please follow the steps below:

  • Select “Sold” in your navigation;
  • Find the Confirmation Receipt from the buyer you’d like to refund;
  • Select “Refund;”
  • Write an Explanation for the refund;
  • Enter the Amount;
  • Follow the Prompts to confirm and complete the refund;
  • You may issue a refund for the full or partial amount;
  • All refunds are final once they are completed.


Note: When issuing a full refund, the entire gross amount (the amount the buyer is charged) is returned to the buyer’s credit card, including Treasurebee’s processing fee and Stripe’s payment processing fee.  For partial refunds, the amount refunded comes from the net amount the seller receives, which excludes processing fees.

Shipping Options


We recognize that shipping details are an important point of discussion with prospective buyers before a transaction is completed.

Note:  We suggest all shipments be made immediately after payment is received in your bank account, or as per agreement with your buyer; but in no case later than seventy-two (72) hours.  Please see our Terms of Service for details.


For all transactions we have provided the following shipping options:


Included in Price

If the item price is $100 and shipping is included, this means the buyer pays $100 which includes the cost of shipping.


To Be Determined

If the item price is $100 with shipping to be determined later (ex: the item is of a unique size), this means the buyer can purchase the item now for $100, and then wait for the seller to communicate the shipping cost and method later (ex: USPS is $25).  In this example the buyer would pay the $25 for shipping as a second transaction.


To process the shipping payment:

  • Select “Sales” in your navigation;
  • Select the Confirmation Receipt for the item that was sold;
  • Select “Provide Shipping Details for Payment;”
  • Enter Shipping Details, including method and cost;
  • Select “Request Payment” to send this information to the buyer;
  • Select the Item as Agreed Upon after the shipping payment is received from your buyer;
  • If your buyer does not pay for shipping per your agreement, or within a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours of your providing the shipping quote, we recommend you cancel the sale of the item to the buyer.  Promptly refund any payments made by your buyer for the item.


Pick Up Only

Select this option if you require the items for sale to be picked up.

Note:  For items that are purchased immediately via Buy Now, shipping can be included in the purchase price.  However, some items may require communication between buyer and seller to mutually agree upon shipping method and cost, prior to the purchase being made.



Providing a Review of a Buyer

Please remember that the use of video in the transaction is for both buyer and sellers convenience.


To post a review of a buyer:

  • Select “Sold in your navigation;
  • Select the Confirmation Receipt from the buyer you’d like to review;
  • Select the Number of Stars you would like to give the buyer (1 = less than average, 5 = outstanding);
  • Write Your Review in the text box provided;
  • Select “Submit” to post your review.


Note:  Please remember that buyer profiles can only be accessed by a seller who has been legitimately contacted by another Treasurebee member.  Once you have been contacted by another Treasurebee member you will be able to access their Profile page to see reviews.


Selling Safely on Treasurebee


We value your safety at Treasurebee, and have provided a safe platform to conduct business.  However, please use the same precautions you would use in every day life and be aware when conducting business or video calling with other users. Please take a moment to review our Terms of Service to learn more about safety on Treasurebee.  We have also described some safety practices below to assist you in having an enjoyable experience while using Treasurebee.

Your Treasurebee Account Password, and How to Protect It

Keep safe online by protecting your Treasurebee account password.  When you sign in to Treasurebee, enter your password ONLY on the Treasurebee web site URL that begins with  Here are a few additional helpful suggestions to create a more secure password, and keep it safe:

  • Use a combination of lower case and upper case letters, special characters and numbers;
  • Do not reuse the same password that you use with other online services;
  • Do not use passwords that can be easily guessed (ex: “password” or “123456”); and don’t use your Treasurebee user name as a password;
  • Do not share your password; and don’t leave your password where anyone can easily find it;
  • Change your password frequently.


Protecting Your Personal Safety When Using the Video Call Feature

When receiving a video call from a buyer, here are some suggestions:

  • Answer the call only in a location you are comfortable sharing with the public;
  • Try to determine as quickly as possible as to whether the potential buyer is sincere in conducting business or discussing something relevant to the sale;
  • Remind family members or employees they may be visible by video if they are within camera range or are visible in your call location;
  • If you experience any inappropriate behavior by the buyer, hang up immediately and report them to Treasurebee.

Simple precautions will always help you to make your online activity safer.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited from being sold on Treasurebee:

  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Items that constitute pornography and/or non-allowable mature content;
  • Animals and certain animal products;
  • Hazardous materials;
  • Recalled items;
  • Firearms, handguns, and other weaponry;
  • Ammunition;
  • Items that promote, support, or glorify hatred or bias;
  • Items that promote, support, or glorify violence or a threat of violence;
  • Items that promote, support, or glorify any illegal activity;
  • Handgun safety certificates;
  • Aerosol container of paint that is capable of defacing property;
  • Etching cream that is capable of defacing property;
  • Any tobacco, cigarette, or cigarette papers, or blunt wraps, or any other preparation of tobacco, or any other instrument or paraphernalia that is designed for the smoking or ingestion of tobacco, products prepared from tobacco, or any controlled substance;
  • BB devices, including BB guns;
  • Fireworks;
  • Medical Drug Claims;
  • Regulated Items, including highly regulated items and items regulated internationally;
  • Dietary supplement products containing ephedrine group alkaloids;
  • Tickets or shares in a current or non-expired lottery games;
  • Drug paraphernalia;
  • Electronic cigarettes;
  • Any other items that are or contain any material which is defamatory, obscene, indecent, abusive, offensive, harassing, violent, hateful, inflammatory or otherwise objectionable;
  • Items that are newly manufactured and/or are mass produced or widely available;
  • Any goods or services that may violate the Stripe® Terms of Service.


Avoiding Buyer Scams


Commercial Money Orders, Postal Money Orders and Counterfeit Checks:


One of the ways scammers commit fraudulent activity is to use counterfeit checks or money orders.  If you accept these forms of payments, be sure to apply these best practices before completing your transaction:

  • Do Not Ever accept an overpayment for any item you sell.  Buyers should be instructed by you to make payment in the agreed upon amount.  A common signal of a fraudulent activity is the request from a buyer to accept an overpayment and provide you a percentage of the “remainder”;
  • Be familiar with the security features that are offered by various payment methods.  Postal Money Orders have good security features that are difficult to replicate;
  • Do not ship your items until your buyer’s payment has been deposited into your bank account (unless you have a pre-existing relationship with your customer).  Understand your bank’s funds availability policy before you release the sale item to the buyer.  Do Not send merchandise to a buyer BEFORE the check clears the bank.  Some checks take only a couple days to clear, while others can take several weeks.


Foreign Cashier’s Checks:
Some fraudulent buyers in foreign countries will often pressure sellers to accept foreign cashier’s checks as payment.  These requests may offer to pay an amount in excess of the asking price, then ask the seller to wire the overpayment back to the buyer through services such as Western Union or MoneyGram, or another method. Sellers should be cautious if you decide to accept foreign cashier’s checks for payment, as such foreign checks may take weeks or months to clear and may be a signal fraudulent activity.


Note: Please remember that some checks may be made to look like they’re from a U.S. bank, but upon closer inspection will reveal a foreign city or country name.


Transactions Made Without the Use of Treasurebee’s Payment Processor

We highly recommend you use Treasurebee’s payment processor; it is the quickest and safest way to complete a transaction on Treasurebee.  However, Treasurebee encourages members to meet directly if it benefits them both.  Whatever terms a buyer and seller negotiate with each other is between buyer and seller.


Important!  Please be advised that if using another online payment service (such as PayPal®), Treasurebee cannot process your transaction, keep a record of it for future reference, process a refund or process a chargeback should one be required.

If Meeting Someone In-Person for the First Time

  • Meet in your retail shop if applicable; or a public location like a café or shopping center;
  • Do not meet in a secluded place, or invite strangers into your home, unless this is your primary place of business;
  • If you go to meet someone, tell a friend or family member where you are going (consider having them join you);
  • Take your mobile phone along with you;
  • Trust your instincts.